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isuke Nested Rice Miso Soup Bowls set Handmade Wooden Urushi Lacquerware Japan

isuke Nested Rice Miso Soup Bowls set Handmade Wooden Urushi Lacquerware Japan

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Nested Rice Miso Soup Bowls set Handmade Wooden Urushi Lacquerware
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Item Size

About 12 x 12 x 7.5cm

Item Weight

About 100g

Product description

"Hifumi Wan" - Set of Wooden Lacquerware Nested Bowls

Introducing the "Hifumi Wan" set, a remarkable collection of wooden lacquerware nested bowls. This set includes three bowls that neatly stack into one another, offering versatility for various uses as bowls or small dishes. The distinct tapered form adds a unique and stylish touch.

The largest bowl in the set is ideal as a soup bowl or a rice bowl, boasting a shape that accommodates both purposes perfectly. The middle-sized bowl serves as a slightly smaller soup bowl or a compact dish, while the smallest bowl can be utilized as a small dish or a deeper saucer. Use them all together or choose only what you need, offering a customizable experience.

Available in two colors: "Akane" (deep red) and "Kuro" (black). Crafted with wooden cutouts and finished with a wipe-on lacquer technique, these bowls showcase simple yet timeless hues suitable for everyday use.

These nested lacquerware bowls make a great choice for celebrations such as housewarmings and wedding gifts, especially when paired as a set.

Akane (Deep Red)
Kuro (Black)
The Popularity of Nested Lacquerware

The concept of nested bowls, where bowls of varying sizes fit into one another, has been a longstanding wisdom in Japan. These nested lacquerware pieces not only offer space-saving functionality for modern living but also present a beautifully stacked design that uniquely represents Japanese ingenuity. This ingenious design has garnered high praise from people around the world for its elegance and practicality.


Please note that there may be slight variations in color between the image and the actual product. We appreciate your understanding in advance. When caring for lacquerware, please refrain from using a microwave, dishwasher, or drying machine.



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