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isuke KOROMO Tea Cup Wooden Lacquered Japanese

isuke KOROMO Tea Cup Wooden Lacquered Japanese

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isuke KOROMO Tea Cup Wooden Lacquered Japanese

Produsing Area:



Lacquered (upper part), urethane coating (lower part)



Item Size:

About 8 x 8 x 9.5cm

Item Weight:

About 50g

Product description:

"KOROMO Yunomi: The Fusion of Wood, Lacquer, and Maki-e Art in a Tea Cup"

Introducing the "KOROMO" series yunomi, where you can experience the exquisite combination of wood, lacquer, and refined maki-e art in a single tea cup. This collection offers a tactile sense of wood's texture, the alluring hues of lacquer, and the sophisticated elegance of maki-e artistry.

The upper section of the yunomi is adorned with lacquer in deep red or black, while the lower part reveals the natural wood grain with a clear finish. Delicate lines of gold or silver maki-e art create accents that infuse the simple design with a stylish ambiance.

Red lacquer is accentuated with gold maki-e lines, and black lacquer is complemented by silver maki-e lines. This lightweight and easy-to-handle tea cup is not only perfect for savoring your favorite brew, but also for enjoying soft drinks, beer, shochu, and more.

The wooden yunomi offers a remarkably smooth mouthfeel, making it a delightful vessel to drink from. It's also a rarity to find wooden yunomi cups. Despite their lightweight nature, they provide great insulation, so the heat of your beverage doesn't transfer to the exterior. This feature makes them comfortable to hold while keeping your drink warm for longer, which is why many people become devoted users after their first experience.

The lacquered areas boast the "mehajiki" technique, allowing the wood grain to shine through, making the yunomi perfect for everyday use.

Available in two colors: red with gold lines and black with silver lines. These cups can be paired for occasions like weddings, golden anniversaries, and silver anniversaries, or used individually for celebrations like Respect for the Aged Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 60th birthdays, and beyond.

The Complete Essence of Lacquer: The KOROMO Series

The "KOROMO" series captures the essence of lacquer, combining wood's unique texture, lacquer's captivating hues, and the sophistication of gold and silver maki-e art. With a lineup that includes bowls, cups, sake vessels, and shallow dishes, this series offers a cohesive look for your dining table. Designed by Satoshi Umeno of Umeno Design, this original product is part of the "isuke" brand, which focuses on contemporary design themes.



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