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isuke KOROMO Bowl | Wooden soup bowl Lacquered Japanese

isuke KOROMO Bowl | Wooden soup bowl Lacquered Japanese

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isuke KOROMO Bowl | Wooden soup bowl Lacquered Japanese

Produsing Area:



Lacquered (upper part), urethane coating (lower part)



Item Size:

About 11.5 x 11.5 x 6.7cm

Item Weight:

About 50g

Product description:

It is a bowl of the "KOROMO" series that allows you to enjoy the texture, beautiful color of lacquer, and elegance of lacquer, which can enjoy koromo bowl, lacquer, and lacquer at once. The upper part of the bowl is red and black lacquered, and the lower part is clear finish with the grain as it is. The red lacquer coat of red is a golden lacquer line black lacquer coating with a silver lacquer line, and it is attractive not only for rice bowl but also for rice bowls as well as rice bowl. The lacquered part is also a "eye geki" where you can see the grain, so you can use it casually. There are two colors, gold lines in red, black, and silver lines, so it is also recommended for gifts for celebration of marriage, golden wedding, and silver wedding celebration by using it in a soup bowl and rice bowl. In addition, it is easy to handle with the lightness unique to wooden, and you will be pleased with the long -lived celebration such as Respect for the Aged Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 60th birthday, Koshu, and Yoneju. The KOROMO series "KOROMO", which is packed with the charm of lacquer ware, is a series where you can simultaneously experience the texture and beautiful color of lacquer, the elegance of gold and silver lacquer painting. The lineup of bowls, cups, sake ware, and shallow bowls, so if you use them together, the atmosphere of the dining table will give you a sense of unity. The designer is Satoshi Umeno (Umeno Design). It is an original product of the "ISUKE" brand launched under the theme of X [modern design].



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Around 5 Business Days

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