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isuke Nested Miso Soup Bowls and Plates set Handmade Lacquerware Urushi Japan

isuke Nested Miso Soup Bowls and Plates set Handmade Lacquerware Urushi Japan

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Nested Miso Soup Bowls and Plates set Handmade Lacquerware Urushi
** Regarding Lacquerware

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Wooden (keyaki)

Item Size

About 12.8 x 12.8 x 8.5cm

Item Weight

About 310g

Product description

Nested Bowl Set - A Remarkable Ouryouki that Fits Five Bowls in One

This exceptional set features five bowls that nest into one another, known as "Ouryouki." Crafted from wood and adorned with lacquer, this set offers a range of bowl sizes. You'll appreciate the distinctive beauty and texture of the keyaki (zelkova) wood, a unique characteristic of this collection. After use, the bowls stack neatly together for convenient storage, and we offer free shipping for your convenience.

Enjoy the versatility of various combinations for different purposes. These bowls can be used as soup or rice bowls, and they even transform into lidded containers or soup cups. Feel free to mix and match for your desired usage.

Choose from two color options: "Akane Suri" and "Kuro Suri." You can also pair them as a thoughtful gift for someone who appreciates subtle differences.

Akane Suri
Kuro Suri
(Size: Diameter 12.8 x Height 8.5 cm, Diameter 12 x Height 6.5 cm, Diameter 11.2 x Height 5 cm, Diameter 10.2 x Height 4 cm, Diameter 9.5 x Height 3 cm)

Nested Bowls - A Practical Japanese Tradition

Nested bowls are a traditional Japanese solution for efficient storage. By stacking bowls of varying sizes, this concept has been a part of Japanese wisdom for generations. This lacquerware interpretation of nested bowls offers space-saving functionality for modern living. The elegant design of overlapping bowls also showcases a distinct Japanese ingenuity that garners admiration from people around the world.


Please note that there may be slight variations in color between the image and the actual product. We appreciate your understanding in advance. When caring for lacquerware, please refrain from using a microwave, dishwasher, or drying machine.



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