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isuke 5 Plates set "Sakura" for Japanese tea time Handmade Lacquerware Japan

isuke 5 Plates set "Sakura" for Japanese tea time Handmade Lacquerware Japan

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5 Plates set "Sakura" for tea time Handmade Lacquerware

Produsing Area



Urethane coating


Resin -based product

Item Size

About 10 x 16 x cm

Item Weight

About 270g

Product description

Set of 5 Petal-Shaped Individual Plates, Perfect for Cherry Blossom Season

Presenting a set of individual plates inspired by cherry blossom petals. The design, embellished with gold and silver foils, adds a remarkably elegant touch that harmonizes with the shape of the petals, creating a vivid and lively impression.

Ideal for both traditional Japanese sweets and Western-style desserts, these plates perfectly complement a variety of culinary delights. Of course, they can also be used as plates for serving meals.

Enhancing the Beauty of Sweets
These plates not only accentuate the beauty of the dishes placed upon them but are also suitable for serving various types of culinary creations, making your desserts and meals even more delightful.

Available in Gold and Silver Foil Variations, Recommended for Celebration Gifts
The plates come in two variations: gold foil and silver foil. Both versions elevate your dining table with an air of grandeur. The opulent impression conveyed by the gold and silver foils makes them an excellent choice for celebratory gifts, such as wedding favors.

Radiant Gold Foil and Cool Silver Foil
The gold foil imparts a splendid and glamorous impression, while the silver foil lends a slightly cooler and sophisticated ambiance.


Please note that there may be slight variations in color between the image and the actual product. We appreciate your understanding in advance. When caring for lacquerware, please refrain from using a microwave, dishwasher, or drying machine.



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