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isuke Nested Three Tiered Miniature Stacked Boxes Dokugakubunyou

isuke Nested Three Tiered Miniature Stacked Boxes Dokugakubunyou

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Nested Three Tiered Miniature Stacked Boxes Dokugakubunyou

Produsing Area:



Urethane coating


Molded wood powder and resin

Item Size:

About 8.7 x 8.7 x 4.3cm

Item Weight:

About 120g

Product description:

Nogko 3 -stage mini Heavy Dokugumi A small box with an interesting nodic structure. For delicacy and accessories. It is an interesting mini -three -stage layer with an interesting entry structure that all three steps fit in one step. If stored it will be one step higher so it is convenient to fit in the drawer. The design is very cute arranged in a modern -style gorgeous color use in lacquerware. He / she plays an active part as a delicacy or a condiment. Recommended for celebration and gifts for overseas people it is also a popular design for young people with good luck. It can be used for various purposes so why not give a little gift or return? The structure of the nested is very Japanese and it is a compact product so it is a very popular product for souvenirs overseas. (Given to New Zealand) I was very pleased and the family around me seemed to be very interested saying "If you don't need it you can store it smaller! It's amazing!" Dokaku sentence is a popular series. In the lacquerware a solo pattern series that has been used in a novel design that has been used for a long time. The color of colorful lacquer is overlaid to the modern and cute design. The monopoly is originally said to be "work around" "money turns around" "luck is going" and this slightly flashy design is perfect for New Year's banquets.



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Around 5 Business Days

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