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Text Bookmark - Volume Pack

Text Bookmark - Volume Pack

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The 'Text Bookmark Volume Pack' features bookmarks with intricately designed and delicately cut-out words, resembling different fonts. Phrases such as 'I've read this far,' 'Today, it ends here; tomorrow, it begins from here,' 'Starting from here tomorrow,' 'Good job,' 'Take a little break,' 'Probably around here,' 'Reading is painful, but I'll still read,' 'Maybe I won't read this again,' 'The epitome of ignorance,' 'Throwaway German suplex,' 'It's quite painful to cut your finger on paper,' 'Leave it to me here and run away quickly,' 'I love you,' 'I like you,' 'I adore you,' 'I love you so much,' 'Thank you,' 'Momotaro,' 'Namu Amida Butsu,' 'Prayer for success' are included in this volume pack.

These bookmarks are made from environmentally friendly materials such as wood pulp and cotton, using durable and water-resistant fiber paper. They are sure to be appreciated by book lovers and make delightful gifts.

Product Details

Content :
20 bookmarks with text (1 of each of 20 varieties)


Bookmark Body: Fiber Paper 1mm
Bookmark String: Satin (Polyester)

Made In:
Okayama, Japan

Size & Weight

「ここまで読んだ。」(I've read this far)
156mm x 25mm
「今日はここまで明日はここから。」(Today, it ends here;tomorrow, it begins from here)
145mm x 40mm
「明日はここから。」(Starting from here tomorrow)
128mm x 40mm
「おつかれさま。」(Good job)
156mm x 30mm
「ちょっとひと休み。」(Take a little break)
148mm x 44mm
「おそらくこのあたり。」(Probably around here)
142mm x 43mm
「読むのが苦痛。でも読む。」(Reading is painful, but I(ll still read)
155mm x 40mm
「もう2度と読まないかも。」(Maybe I won(t read this again)
156mm x 35mm
「知らんがなの極致。」(The epitome of ignorance)
156mm x 33mm
「投げっぱなしジャーマン。」(Throwaway German suplex)
148mm x 42mm
「紙で指を切るとかなり痛い。」(It's quite painful to cut your finger on paper)
124mm x 43mm
「ここは俺に任せて早く逃げろ。」(Leave it to me here and run away quickly)
144mm x 50mm
「あなたのことが大好きです。」(I love you)
145mm x 44mm
「君がすき。」(I like you)
145mm x 42mm
「だいすきです。」(I adore you)
142mm x 42mm
「愛してまーす。」(I love you so much)
146mm x 42mm
「ありがとう。」(Thank you)
138mm x 35mm
143mm x 46mm
「合格祈願。」(Prayer for success)
148mm x 50mm
「南無阿弥陀仏。」(Namu Amida Butsu)
132mm x 42mm

Size chart including bookmark strings

Care Guide & Precautions

-Please do not use for purposes other than intended.
-Excessive force may cause damage. Please enjoy the delicate design.
-do not use or store near fire or high-temperature objects.
-Please be aware that colors may fade or transfer due to water, sweat, friction, etc.
-Avoid leaving in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it may cause discoloration.
-do not wash. If dirty, gently wipe with a damp cloth, then thoroughly dry before use.
-do not use bleach, benzene, or thinner.
-store out of reach of children and pets.

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