About Mojino Shiori

This is a brand of bookmarks. It features intricate and beautiful designs that look as if the words have been delicately cut out in different fonts. Made from environmentally friendly materials such as wood pulp and cotton, they use durable and water-resistant fiber paper. They are sure to be appreciated by book lovers and make delightful gifts.

Intricate and beautiful design

The characteristic feature is the intricate and beautiful design, as if the words were cut out in different fonts.

Our Company - Seibunsha Printing Co.,Ltd.

"Our company is headquartered in the scenic Setouchi region, specifically in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, known as the 'Town of Roses and History'.
While our core service is printing, our motto is 'Striving to provide customers with inspiration and satisfaction', and all our employees are dedicated to working wholeheartedly in accordance with this principle."

Mojino Shiori Collection