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isuke Chopsticks Pair set Hashi "Gourd" Makie Wooden Handmade Lacquerware Japan

isuke Chopsticks Pair set Hashi "Gourd" Makie Wooden Handmade Lacquerware Japan

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Chopsticks Pair set Hashi "Gourd" Makie Wooden Handmade Lacquerware
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2 sets of sets

Item Size

About 23 x x cm

Item Weight

About 30g

Product description

Couple Chopsticks - Six Hyotan makie, Wooden Box Included: These couple chopsticks feature the auspicious pattern of "Six Hyotan" (symbolizing good health) - a perfect choice for celebrating marriage milestones. The adorable gold and silver makie design of the gourd shapes on these black and vermillion lacquered wooden chopsticks adds to their charm.

The six gourds in the design symbolize "good health," making it an auspicious pattern. The gourds are depicted in cute gold and silver makie, creating a truly fortunate set of couple chopsticks.

Encased in a wooden box, these chopsticks are an ideal gift for occasions like weddings, golden anniversaries, silver anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Respect for the Elderly Day. These chopsticks can be used not only on special occasions like New Year's and celebratory days but also for everyday use, thanks to their durable lacquer finish.

Please note that the vermillion portion is slightly shorter. Embrace the fortunate pattern of the six gourds, symbolizing good health, beautifully depicted with cute gold and silver makie.


Please note that there may be slight variations in color between the image and the actual product. We appreciate your understanding in advance. When caring for lacquerware, please refrain from using a microwave, dishwasher, or drying machine.



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