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isuke Square Dinner Plate "Byakudan" Handmade Urushi Lacquerware Japan

isuke Square Dinner Plate "Byakudan" Handmade Urushi Lacquerware Japan

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Square Dinner Plate "Byakudan" Handmade Urushi Lacquerware

Produsing Area:





Molded wood powder and resin

Item Size:

About 22 x 22 x 2.5cm

Item Weight:

About 340g

Product description:

Yayoi Plate "Nichigetsu Byakudan" is an impressive dish featuring the unique Byakudan (sandalwood) lacquer technique. This lacquer application is done over silver maki-e and silver foil, creating a raised design that stands out. The plate's distinctive form, with slightly elevated corners, adds to its usability, making it a convenient choice for presenting desserts and dishes. Its reasonable price and serene ambiance contribute to its popularity as a lacquerware option for gifts, mementos, and occasions like weddings.
The raised corners create a unique shape, and the sophisticated yet dazzling impression of the Byakudan lacquer complements modern design preferences, seamlessly fitting into contemporary living spaces. The versatile Byakudan lacquer series offers a variety of items for selection. This series, known as "Byakudan Lacquer," showcases the technique of applying lacquer over silver maki-e and silver foil, resulting in a pattern that emerges. This technique capitalizes on lacquer's characteristic of becoming more transparent over time.
The Byakudan lacquer's ability to combine a calm atmosphere with a modern and radiant impression allows it to harmonize well with today's lifestyles. Its design, suitable for both Japanese and Western aesthetics, makes it a popular choice for various occasions, including celebrations, gifts, acknowledgments, birthdays, as well as international gift-giving occasions like Mother's Day and Respect for the Elderly Day.



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