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Tsuminikka DX with Wooden Box Educational Toys 20 pieces JAPAN KIGOKORO BRAND

Tsuminikka DX with Wooden Box Educational Toys 20 pieces JAPAN KIGOKORO BRAND

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Tsumikaka DX (20 pieces) with Wooden Box

Produsing Area



Educational Toys


Cedar Wood

Item Size

About 15 x 21 x 11cm

Product description

[About this product]
This is a set of two types of bricks: "Tsumikka" a polyhedron cut into no two identical shapes and "Tsumiyasuka" a parallel hexahedron.
The name "Tsumiyasuka" is derived from the Saga dialect words "tsumikaka" (difficult to stack) and "tsumiyasuka" (easy to stack).

[Functional Aspects of the Product]
Tsumikaka" has a polyhedral shape with various angles. The difficulty of stacking the pieces makes them interesting.

[Product Features / Advantages]
There is a "hidden trick" to stacking the pieces which is to rub the gentle and pleasant to the touch surfaces of "Tsumikka" against each other and slowly rotate the pieces to the next one.
By rubbing the surfaces of the "Tsumikka" against each other and rotating them slowly to make the top surface of the next one as "parallel" as possible it is possible to pile them up one after the other.

[Suggestions for use of the product]
Use as an educational toy for children a balancing toy that can be played or competed with others a welcome tree with letters on it or as a toy for children
Please feel free to use them as materials for new objets d'art by painting them with colors or gluing them together with bonds and so on.


[Things to keep in mind for customers]

The image shown here is an image only.

The wood has individual differences in grain and may differ from the image shown in the picture.

Please note that there may be some knots in the wood, but they are not defective.

We inspect all products before shipping, but in the unlikely event that the product you receive is defective, we will replace it.


[About KIGOKORO products]

This product is a one-of-a-kind handmade woodworking product produced through joint work between disabled people and support staff from the field of employment support for disabled people, and each product is made with the utmost care.

We are particular about the effective use of resources and use scrap lumber from Japan and overseas as much as possible.

We hope you will continue to use our "KIGOKORO" woodwork for many years to come.



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