KIGOKORO is a brand of wooden products crafted from leftover wood. We repurpose leftover wood into art, involving users to expand their skills. Profits are reinvested in participants, promoting happiness, fulfillment, sustainability, and the 'leave no one behind' concept of SDGs.

Wooden products from leftover woods

We wanted to make the most of the leftover wood that is cut and discarded in furniture factories and construction sites. We believe in utilizing the wood that has grown over several decades to several centuries without waste. Therefore, we decided to collect these leftover pieces and process them to create new artworks.

Our Company - Specified Nonprofit Corporation Life Stage

Since March 2014, Life Stage has been operating disability welfare service businesses (daily living support, supported employment type B, communal living assistance, etc.) in Ogoori City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Kiyama Town, Saga Prefecture. In November 2017, we additionally opened and managed a supported employment facility at a store and farm in Kanzaki City, Saga Prefecture.

Our philosophy has been to "live together, learn together, and grow together." With the cooperation of parents and guardians, we have been promoting our unique welfare activities. What we have learned is the desire to "live together, learn diversity, deeply consider decision-making and self-choice, grow together as equals, and walk together" with our users and their parents or guardians. Although we may have limited power, Life Stage aims to empathize with the thoughts and wishes of our users and their parents or guardians, and to be a facility where we can pursue dreams together with a positive mindset.

KIGOKORO Collection