NOUSAKU NAJIMI Sake Tumbler Muddler Suzumaru Tin Set

NOUSAKU NAJIMI Sake Tumbler Muddler Suzumaru Tin Set

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NAJIMI Sake Tumbler Muddler Suzumaru Tin Set

Produsing Area:


Material :

Tin (100%)


Tumbler: 8.9 x 8.9 x 9.1 (cm)
Suzumaru: 10 x 10 x 0.5 (cm)


Tumbler: 310 (g)
Muddler: 40 (g)
Suzumaru:40 (g)

Product description:

The popular NAJIMI tumbler comes with a muddler and a suzumaru. The NAJIMI tumbler has an indent in the thumb area to make it easier to hold. Since ancient times, tin has been used for drinking and tea utensils, as it is said that "water in a tin vessel will not spoil" and "sake will taste better as it is free of miscellaneous flavors. It has a wide mouth, so it is recommended for use with water and rocks. Because of its high thermal conductivity, the vessel itself cools well, and you can enjoy the change in taste as the ice melts over time. Adjust the taste by lightly mixing with the muddler in the set. Suzumaru is a small dish made of 100% tin with a beautiful, delicate expression. Because it is made of 100% tin, it is soft and can be transformed into any shape you like. Use it to serve snacks and condiments with your evening meal.


Capacity: 390cc



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