About Liberaltunes

We are a brand of leather items. Our distinctive feature is a simple design combined with added functionality. Despite utilizing high-quality Italian leather, we keep costs down by using leather from the belly area known as "belly."

High-quality Italian leather

We use high-quality Italian leather. We aimed to create products that are casual yet warm and can accompany the user. As you use it, it will become familiar to your hand and change in various ways over the years, becoming your own unique leather item. Please enjoy the pleasure of nurturing leather.

Our Company - Fujiryu Co., Ltd.

As production bases increasingly move overseas with the changing times, Fuji Ryu has consistently overcome obstacles and maintained domestic manufacturing through innovation and action. While "Made in Japan" garners attention, the current reality is that domestic processing facilities are declining due to price competition, aging artisans, and a lack of successors. Japan's technology and human capabilities are something to be proud of. Opening up a new path for domestic manufacturing and passing on Japanese craftsmanship to the next generation is Fuji Ryu's mission.

Liberaltunes Collection