Asada Shikki – Yamanaka Lacquerware to Our Daily Life

Asada Shikki – Yamanaka Lacquerware to Our Daily Life

About Asada Shikki

1We produce Yamanaka lacquerware for everyday use.

The entire process, from the traditional Yamanaka woodworking to the application of lacquer, is carried out in Yamanaka (Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture).

Yamanaka lacquerware is made using advanced techniques to create the wood base, which is then repeatedly coated with lacquer and wiped to bring out the best of the wood.


Utsuroi Cup


The “Utsuroi Cup” that we manufacture is a product that makes use of Yamanaka’s potter’s wheel technology and coating technology.

With the motif of the colors of the four seasons of Ishikawa Prefecture, the outer color is treated with metallic paint, and it is a cup with a thinly ground finish unique to Yamanaka’s technique.

It is produced by combining the traditional technique of Yamanaka, the potter’s wheel, the wiping lacquer that emphasizes the grain of wood, and the modern metallic painting technique.

We named it “Utsuroi” with the desire to express the changes of the four seasons and the shape of a new tradition.




Have you ever seen someone Swirling a glass of wine or whiskey in a familiar way? Swirling whiskey or wine is something many of us do when we taste.

A new cup with a cute and elegant design has been created using the turner’s wheel technique of Yamanaka lacquer ware.

We hollowed out a thick piece of zelkova wood to create a structure that rises up with the weight of the wood, and the bottom is rounded to create a design that sways for a while.


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