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Fujita Tetubin TeaPot Nanbu Nambu Tekki Ironware Kettle Marumakeme 1.6L Japan

Fujita Tetubin TeaPot Nanbu Nambu Tekki Ironware Kettle Marumakeme 1.6L Japan

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It is a traditional craft in the southern part of Iwate prefecture. It is an elegant design that does not get tired. The inside is lacquered. The lacquer is removed as you use it, but at that time it is an iron kettle that is resistant to rust due to minerals, calcium, etc. in tap water, so you can easily remove the iron that tends to be insufficient and prevent anemia. . Every time, hot water boiled in an iron kettle removes chlorine, so ordinary tap water changes to a mellow taste. Drinks such as Japanese tea and coffee can also be deliciously brewed. Since iron products are indestructible, they are also recommended as gifts for the occasion and gifts for Father's Day and Mother's Day.

Product Details

Content :
Nambu Tekki Kyusu Marumakeme 1.6L


Cast Iron

Made In:
IWATE, Japan

Size & Weight

about:21 x15 x21 cm


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EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

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Around 2 Business Days

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