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Fujita Nambu Tekki Itchudo Iron Kettle Walnut 0.8L Direct Fire

Fujita Nambu Tekki Itchudo Iron Kettle Walnut 0.8L Direct Fire

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Fujita Nambu Tekki Itchudo Iron Kettle Walnut 0.8L Direct Fire

Produsing Area:


Item Size:

About 13 x 16 x cm

Item Weight:

About 1400g

Product description:

The southern iron bottle is a traditional crafts of Iwate, which boasts a history of 900 years. It features a simple and warm texture, and it is characterized by the more you use it. Boiled hot water is rich in bivalent iron which is easily absorbed by the body and is effective for iron supplementation. After the first use of the iron bottle is lighter, after it is used to make the inside of the iron bottle lightly and after using it, please put water from the 8th minute and boil for about 15 minutes. (Because the hot water may be cloudy at the beginning, it may be difficult to use it three times, please use it after the boiling hot water is colorless.) The start of use even when it was finished for a long time Please do the same work. After use, the hot water remaining inside the iron bottle is not left, and be sure to move to a pot etc. and turn it into an empty state and dry it after drying. When the hot water is crazy and hot water is getting cloudy, I put water to the eighth minute, and I wrapped about 1 cup of tea, and I wrapped about 1 cup of sencha, etc., and about 15 to 20 minutes from water while carefully paying it. Please simmer. This is a method of measuring the chemical reaction of tannin and iron. Repeating this work 2-3 times it has more effect. After that, it rinses and boils hot water 1-2 times and then use it. Size: W16 x D13 x H18.5 (CM) Weight / about 1.4 kg Market volume: about 0.8 L



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Around 5 Business Days

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