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Shimogawa Orimono

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Block Shippou Orange

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Block Shippou Orange

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KURUME KASURI Fabric Block Shippou Orange

Produsing Area:




Item Size:

About 38 x 600 x 1cm

Item Weight:

About 450g

Product description:

[About Kurume Kasuri]
A collection of 20 retro belt-driven power looms, connected to a single motor, operate to produce Kurume Kasuri-a traditional pre-dyed woven fabric. Established in 1948, Kurume Kasuri is a representative of Japan's renowned tradition of pre-dyed weaving. It boasts a soft texture reminiscent of hand weaving, and its production involves an intricate manual process. With over 30 steps taking 2 to 4 months to complete, this fabric is perfect for individuals seeking to create meticulously crafted pieces within Japan's rich textile tradition.

[Weaving Characteristics]
Using the "Yoko Kasuri" technique, patterns are formed by tying the weft threads (yokoito) in a special way and then weaving them using a dedicated shuttle. This technique offers a high degree of artistic freedom in expressing patterns, including floral and polka dot designs. The use of a tool called "Tongu," a wooden board-like device, to align the weft threads for pattern creation, along with the expertise of skilled artisans and tying machines, positions Kurume Kasuri as not an exaggeration to say the sole location globally preserving the pinnacle of Yoko Kasuri weaving.

[Shippou Pattern]
The "Shippou Pattern" consists of four identical quarter circles layered to create a motif. This pattern is known as "Shippou Mon," and when it is arranged in a regular sequence horizontally and vertically, it's referred to as "Shippou Tsunagi." The circle symbolizes connections and unity between individuals, reflecting the importance of human relationships. Additionally, this pattern signifies prosperity and development in areas such as descendants and business, as its endless expansion implies auspiciousness. The term "Shippou" refers to the seven treasures mentioned in Buddhist scriptures like the "Sutra of the Buddha's Infinite Life," signifying that human connections are as valuable as these treasures. The Nanaho Pattern is adopted as the logo of Shimogawa Orimono.

Warp Thread: 40/2, Weft Thread: 20/1
Standard Fabric Thickness Indication
Chemical Dye: 100%
Cotton: 100%
Weaving Width: Approximately 37 cm
Finished with boiling and sun-drying (approximately 10% shrinkage allows for immediate cutting and sewing after purchase)

[For Kimono Tailoring]
If intended for kimono tailoring, please purchase in increments of 12 meters or 13 meters.

Sold in increments of 6 meters
The price is per 6 meters.
Actual colors may slightly differ from those seen in photographs.



EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

Handling Time:

Around 5 Business Days

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