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Shimogawa Orimono

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Assortment Of Cut Fabric

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Assortment Of Cut Fabric

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KURUME KASURI Fabric Assortment Of Cut Fabric

Produsing Area:




Item Size:

About 38 x 600 x 1cm

Item Weight:

About 450g

Product description:

[Limited-Time Sale & Factory Tour Set (Assorted Remnant Combination)]

[About "Hagire" (Remnants)]
Here is the definition of "Hagire" handled by Shimogawa Orimonos. When weaving fabric every day, there are instances where partial lengths of fabric of incomplete sizes are produced at the beginning and end of weaving. Additionally, adjustments in pattern alignment, broken warp threads, color inconsistencies, and other factors can lead to the creation of fabric pieces measuring less than 12 meters that cannot be turned into full rolls of fabric. These pieces undergo the same post-weaving processes as regular fabric, including "yudoshi" (hot-water treatment), "mizuarai" (water washing), and natural drying.

New pieces measuring less than 12 meters (though they may include weaving flaws) are referred to as "Hagire" . We offer them at discounted prices compared to regular prices while supplies last. Initially, these were only available through direct sales during factory tours, but considering the current circumstances, we are exploring options for online availability due to limited opportunities for factory tours.

[Contents of the 5000 Yen Set]
Please note that the colors and patterns will be chosen at random:

Indigo-dyed (50% to 100%) plain fabrics
Striped patterns
Blended dye patterns
Checks, and more
The set includes 6 types of Hagire, each measuring 50 cm.

[About Kurume Kasuri]
Kurume Kasuri represents traditional pre-dyed woven fabric produced using a retro belt-driven power loom system consisting of 20 interconnected looms driven by a single motor. Founded in 1948, Kurume Kasuri is a symbol of traditional Japanese weaving. The fabric boasts a soft texture akin to handwoven materials. The intricate process involves over 30 steps and takes 2 to 4 months to complete. Kurume Kasuri is a perfect choice for those who seek to create unique pieces with a touch of Japanese textile heritage.

The fabric's thickness ranges from standard to slightly thick. Vertical threads include varieties such as 30/2 and 40/2, while horizontal threads consist of 20/1 and 16/1 slub yarn, among others. The fabric width measures approximately 37-39 cm. Made from 100% cotton, the fabric undergoes natural shrinkage of approximately 10% through hot-water treatment and natural drying, allowing for immediate tailoring after purchase. Please note that availability is based on stock.

As this is an assorted set, the provided reference images may not perfectly match the actual colors and patterns of the fabrics you receive. Additionally, real fabrics may appear slightly different in color compared to the images. We appreciate your understanding.



EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

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Around 5 Business Days

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