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KURUME KASURI Fabric - Window 4 Stripes

KURUME KASURI Fabric - Window 4 Stripes

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[Kurume Kasuri Fabric]
Kurume Kasuri is a traditional Japanese textile characterized by its association with the Showa era, featuring a unique setup of 20 looms connected to a single motor. Established in 1948, the Kurume Kasuri Weaving Workshop has deep roots, dating back to the 23rd year of the Showa period. This workshop is known for producing pre-dyed woven fabrics, representing the essence of Japan's rich heritage.

The fabric's hallmark is its soft and delicate texture, akin to handwoven textiles. The production process involves a high degree of manual craftsmanship, encompassing more than 30 intricate steps and requiring 2 to 4 months to complete. As a result, Kurume Kasuri is the perfect choice for individuals seeking to craft meticulously detailed items that embody the essence of traditional Japanese weaving.

[Weaving Characteristics]
A distinguishing feature of Kurume Kasuri is the "tate kasuri" technique, where intricate patterns are skillfully woven using only warp threads (tate ito). This technique is also referred to as "ita kasuri" or "board kasuri."

Warp Yarn: 40/2
Weft Yarn: 16/1
Fabric Thickness: Standard
Chemical Dye: 100%
Cotton: 100%
Width: Approximately 37~38 cm
Finished with a process of hot water treatment and sun drying, resulting in an approximate 10% shrinkage. This allows for immediate cutting and sewing after purchase.

Sold in increments of 6 meters
Prices are per 6 meters
Please note that there may be slight color variations between the physical product and the images provided.

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KURUME KASURI Fabric Window 4 Stand



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About 38 x 600cm / About 450g

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