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Shimogawa Orimono

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric 12 Standing Bronze Red

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric 12 Standing Bronze Red

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KURUME KASURI Fabric 12 Standing Bronze Red

Produsing Area:




Item Size:

About 38 x 600 x 1cm

Item Weight:

About 450g

Product description:

[About Kurume Kasuri]
Kurume Kasuri is a traditional pre-dyed woven fabric that utilizes a retro belt-driven power loom, where 20 looms are connected and operated by a single motor. It was established in 1948 during the Showa era by the Kurume Kasuri weaving factory and has become a representative traditional textile of Japan. The fabric is known for its soft and hand-woven-like texture, closely resembling handcrafted work.

The weaving process involves using an old-style loom known as the "4-tsuori" that weaves checkered patterns. Despite being a power loom, it operates at low speeds, allowing for a slow and gentle weaving process. From the warp preparation stage onward, the craftsmen work with loose tension to avoid putting stress on the threads, resulting in a soft texture. For the weft threads, they use "mura-ito" or unevenly thick threads, which create subtle surface irregularities and variations in color intensity. This approach allows for contrasting color combinations while maintaining a soft and expressive appearance.

Warp Thread: 40/2, Weft Thread: 20/1
Fabric Thickness: Standard + Soft
Chemical Dye: 100%
100% Cotton
Weaving Width: Approximately 38cm
Finished with hot water treatment and air-drying (shrinkage of about 10%, allowing for direct cutting and sewing after purchase).
1 32 20/1 Navy Blue, 20/1 Golden Brown 1322


Sold in 6-meter units
The price is per 6 meters.
Please note that there may be slight color variations between the actual product and the photographs.



EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

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Around 5 Business Days

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