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KURUME KASURI Fabric - Momiji Red

KURUME KASURI Fabric - Momiji Red

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[About Kurume Kasuri]
A collection of 20 retro belt-driven power looms, linked by a single motor, evoking the atmosphere of the Showa era. Founded in 1948 during the 23rd year of the Showa era, Kurume Kasuri has established itself as a representative traditional pre-dyed woven fabric of Japan. Its hallmark is a soft texture reminiscent of hand weaving. With a meticulous manual process comprising over 30 steps, it takes 2 to 4 months to complete. This fabric is a perfect choice for those who are dedicated to crafting unique and refined pieces within the realm of Japan's traditional textiles.

[Weaving Characteristics]
Using the tying (kukuri) technique, patterns are crafted onto the weft threads (yokoito), and then woven using a dedicated shuttle in a method known as "Yoko Kasuri." This technique allows for a high degree of design freedom, encompassing floral patterns and polka dots, earning it the moniker "Egasuri" or "Picture Kasuri." The artistry of winding the weft threads onto a wooden pipe called the "Tong" and weaving them on a specialized power loom with precise adjustments constitutes the pinnacle of Kasuri weaving techniques, and combined with the craftsmanship of the tying machine and artisans, Kurume Kasuri is unquestionably the sole heir of the highest level of Kasuri weaving expertise in the modern world.

Warp Thread: 40/2, Weft Thread: 20/1
Fabric Thickness Indication: Standard
Chemical Dye: 100%
Cotton: 100%
Weaving Width: Approximately 37 cm
Finished with boiling and sun-drying (about 10% shrinkage enables direct cutting and sewing after purchase)
Colors: Red 1366, Black, White

Sold in increments of 6 meters
The price is per 6 meters.
Actual colors may slightly differ from those seen in photographs.

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KURUME KASURI Fabric Momiji Red



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About 38 x 600cm / About 450g

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