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SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Indigo Dyeing Kasuri

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Indigo Dyeing Kasuri

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KURUME KASURI Fabric Indigo Dyeing Kasuri

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[About Kurume Kasuri]
Showa retro -tailed power loom in which 20 looms connected from one motor operate.
It is Kurume Kasuri Omoto, founded in 1945.
It is a traditional tube fabric that represents Japan.
It features a soft texture close to hand -woven.
There are many manual processes, and it takes 2-4 months to woven 30 processes.
It is a perfect textile for those who want to produce a special dish with traditional Japanese textiles.
[Features of weaving]
Standing Kasuri, which expresses a handle only with a yarn, is also called a plate kasuri.
[About indigo dyeing]
Kurume Kasuri's indigo dyeing is dyed by inheriting the most troublesome dyeing method called "fermentation building". It has a subtle shade and has the charm of changing the expression in both rigid and elegant. During the Kamakura period, the habit of samurai wearing a kind of indigo "Kachiiro" under the armor became established. It is said that indigo has the effect of anti -inflammatory, detoxification, and hemostasis, and "Kachi" is a good luck linked to "winning". It was useful for mountains and agricultural work because insects and snakes did not take place, and it was useful for married kimonos and futons because of "insects". It is excellent for baby clothes because it has excellent heat retention and is less likely to cause rough skin.
[About knobs]
A technique that colors a part of the pattern expressed in white with a tie technique with hand dyeing. Kurume Kasuri is a technique that has been used for a relatively long time ago, but it is not used in all patterns for hand dyeing, but only for some patterns according to production correspondence.
The rarity is increasing year by year because there are only a few craftsmen who are snacking.
Vertical thread 40/2 Horizontal thread 20/1
Fabric thickness display standard+soft
Suture: 95 % indigo dyeing (chemical dye only for red part)
Snow: 100 % chemical dyed
100% cotton
About 37 ~ 38cm
Hot sun -dried finish (because it is reduced by about 10 %, it is possible to cut and sew as it is after purchase.)
[About display]
6m unit cut -out
The price is 6m unit price.
The color may look slightly different between the real thing and the photo.
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