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Shimogawa Orimono

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Nep Solid Peony Color

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Nep Solid Peony Color

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KURUME KASURI Fabric Nep Solid Peony Color

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Item Size:

About 38 x 600 x 1cm

Item Weight:

About 450g

Product description:

[About Kurume Kasuri]
Kurume Kasuri is woven on a Showa retro belt-style power loom where 20 looms are connected from one motor. It originated from Kurume Kasuri Omoto, established in 1945. It is a traditional pre-dyed fabric that represents Japan. One of its distinctive features is the soft texture, which resembles hand-woven textiles. The weaving process involves many manual steps, taking 2-4 months to complete over 30 processes.

[Plain Pattern of Kurume Kasuri]
While Kurume Kasuri is known for expressing various patterns using the technique called "kukuri," even when woven on power looms, it retains a unique soft texture close to hand-woven fabric. Throughout processes such as warping, weaving, and finishing, the artisans handle the threads with care, minimizing strain on the yarn and employing many manual techniques. The resulting texture is a testament to the craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation. Even in plain or striped patterns where the tying process is omitted, the same artisans meticulously weave and finish the fabric using the same processes. Therefore, the softness of the fabric when first touched is highly appreciated by many enthusiasts.

[About Slub Yarn]
Design yarn, also known as "fancy yarn," is interpreted as a decorative type of yarn with artistic elements. Among them, "nep yarn" is a representative type, where intentionally spun small knots or neps are incorporated into the yarn during the spinning process. These small knots are referred to as "neps." As yarn is "yarn," it is called "nep yarn." By using nep yarn as the weft (horizontal thread), the fabric acquires a hand-spun texture.

Vertical thread: 30/2
Horizontal thread: 12/1 Nep
Fabric thickness: Slightly thick
Fabric width is approximately 38 cm.
100% cotton
100% chemically dyed
Hot water washed and naturally dried finish (can be cut and sewn as is after purchase).
Sold in 6-meter units.
The Notesed price is the unit price for 6 meters.
Please note that the actual product may appear slightly different in color from the image.
Color: Purple 441, Splink Wine.



EMS, Fedex or DHL (include insurance and tracking number)

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Around 5 Business Days

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