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SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Chiji Weaving Pinst Ripe Aotan (Aoni)

SHIMOGAWA KURUME KASURI Fabric Chiji Weaving Pinst Ripe Aotan (Aoni)

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KURUME KASURI Fabric Chiji Weaving Pinst Ripe Aotan (Aoni)

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[About Kurume Kasuri]
Showa retro -tailed power loom in which 20 looms connected from one motor operate.
It is Kurume Kasuri Omoto, founded in 1945.
It is a traditional tube fabric that represents Japan.
It features a soft texture close to hand -woven.
There are many manual processes, and it takes 2-4 months to woven 30 processes.
[About Chiji weaving]
By dividing the yarn (tattle) into two and woven with different tensions, the surface of the fabric has subtle irregularities. It is a material that has been used as a summer fabric to maintain breathability by having a gap between the fabric and skin because the fabric does not cling to the surface due to sweat.
[About Aoni color]
Blue in this case is green. Tan means soil and refers to the color of the green soil. Aidan is an old name representing Iwarokusho, a pigment, and is famous for its production area. For this reason, "Aotan Yoshi" is a pillow in Nara, saying, "Aonotan Yoshi" is said to be "Aonotan Yoshiyoshi", which is said to be "Kaoru Aotan Yoshiku, the Kaoru of Aotan Yoshiku", and "Kaoru of the flower that blooms."
Vertical thread 40/2
Horizontal thread 20/1
Weather width about 38cm
100% cotton
100 % chemical dye dyeing
Natural drying finish (after purchase, it is possible to cut it as it is)
It is a 6m unit cut sale.
The display price is 6m unit price.
The real thing may look slightly different from the image.
note that.
40/2 Karashi 1317 40/2 Mosculin 1342 20/1 Ulle Vage



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