About Waon

This is a brand of Shigaraki ware, known for its unique and distinctive designs. We deliver products that meet the changing needs of the times with the pride and craftsmanship of artisans. We aim to spread Shigaraki ware, a type of pottery, from its place of origin in Shiga, Japan, to the world.

Shigaraki Yaki

Shigaraki Yaki (Shigaraki Ware) from Shiga, one of "Nihon Rokkoyo (Japan's six oldest kilns)", where traditional Japanese techniques are inherited.

Shigaraki Yaki is ceramics made in Shigaraki Town, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture.

The simple texture of the clay evokes the Japanese aesthetic sense of "Wabi-sabi”.

Our Company - Yamasho Pottery Co., Ltd.

We are a comprehensive Shigaraki ware (ceramics) wholesale distributor located in the southern part of Shiga Prefecture, which is known as the home of Shigaraki ceramics. We supply our products to businesses and shops nationwide from the Shigaraki ceramics production area.

With the pride, skills, and distinctive designs of our artisans, we create ceramics that align with the ever-evolving trends of our times. We are currently expanding the presence of today's Shigaraki ware (pottery) from Shiga to the entire country.

We hope that our wide range of unique products can enhance your lifestyle.

Waon Collection