About UMIC

This is a Japanese brand of frying pans from a company that manufactures aluminum and stainless steel products in Niigata Prefecture. They produce a variety of items, including multi-layer pots made of both aluminum and stainless steel.

Processing Techniques for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Drawing on our extensive expertise in understanding the strengths of aluminum and stainless steel, we have continued to innovate by developing multi-layered cookware using these materials, thereby creating new value.

Our Company - Urushiyama Metal Industries Co., Ltd.

Over more than half a century of history, our company has earned significant trust from customers by providing excellent products. To further enhance this trust, we have continuously invested in our production facilities, ensuring solid technical expertise, staying aligned with the times through product development, and refining our manufacturing line designs. As a result, we have now established a comprehensive production capability for aluminum sheet products, aluminum cast products, and stainless steel products. We have earned even greater trust as a manufacturer that can be relied upon for the production of both aluminum and stainless steel products.

UMIC Collection