About The modern Japanism

We pass on the spirit of Japan to the present day. We have adorned our tableware with beautiful traditional Japanese patterns, reinterpreted in a contemporary style. Embrace the beauty of Japan in a new way. Enjoy the essence of Japan in your everyday dining experiences.

Dinnerware That Conveys the Spirit of Japan

Preserving Japan's Heart for Today.
We have reimagined beautiful traditional Japanese patterns in a modern style.

Our Company - Awasaka inc.

If you imagine the tabletop industry of 100 years future,
how could you think?
Actually, I cannot answer exactly,
because the world will change so fast, even right now.

How about our dietary life of us?
I cannot answer about this question either,
but it is fun to imagine.
The eating habits of humans will change dynamically, too.

However, I can imagine that people still enjoy eating with their favorite person at their favorite time.

I can imagine there is a smile and a warm favorite cooking on the table,
with heart-warming plates and bowls.

It is supposed to be a strong relationship between plates and food.
We want to support people living abundantly.

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