We are a brand specializing in bamboo products. We are dedicated to crafting products that showcase the unique texture of bamboo sourced from Japan. Bamboo material is garnering attention from the perspective of SDGs, as it is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Due to its fast growth rate, it is a material with high supply stability.

Environmentally Friendly Bamboo Material

Are you aware of why bamboo is attracting attention from the perspective of SDGs? Bamboo possesses characteristics such as:

"Absorbing a large amount of carbon dioxide with low environmental impact"
"Having a fast growth rate, resulting in high supply stability"
"Combining flexibility and durability"
These attributes have garnered attention as sustainable resources.

Our Company - Takeda Lumber Industries Co., Ltd.

Bamboo, a plant that has been familiar and beloved in Asia since ancient times. However, in Japan, opportunities for its utilization are not as abundant, and representative bamboo products such as bamboo baskets are increasingly being replaced by petroleum-based alternatives in recent years. On the other hand, wild bamboo is being neglected, leading to the phenomenon of "bamboo pollution" as areas like Satoyama are rapidly becoming overgrown with bamboo.

Nevertheless, bamboo is often praised for its excellent properties such as deodorization and humidity control, and it can make a significant contribution to addressing the CO2 issue that is being emphasized in recent years. Bamboo, which grows significantly in just one year, can fix a large amount of CO2. It is said that the annual fixed amount per tree is 20 to 30 times that of ordinary timber. Additionally, due to the fact that bamboo can inhabit a much larger number per unit area compared to trees, it is said that the total amount is more than 40 times that of trees.

However, bamboo only fixes CO2 for a year, but it has the characteristic of reaching a size sufficient for use in three years. Unlike timber, bamboo does not deplete even if many are used because it produces 5 to 10 new shoots every year from a single seedling.

In other words, bamboo can be considered a representative material for protecting the global environment by being used extensively. It is an ideal material that is environmentally friendly even with continued use and is continuously available. There is no need to worry about import restrictions, as is the case with many foreign materials.

We at Takeda Lumber Industries aim to contribute to society by leveraging the unique benefits of bamboo through product development that only we can achieve.

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