This brand combines Yamanaka lacquerware's lathe technique with charming designs. Ever seen someone swirl a glass of wine or whiskey?

Swirling enhances the aroma by exposing the liquid to air. Crafted from zelkova wood, it gently sways.

Yamanaka Lacquerware Lathe Technique

It is crafted by hollowing out thick zelkova wood, resulting in a unique swaying design driven by its weight.

Our Company - Asada Lacquerware Craft Japan

We propose the use of Yamanaka lacquerware that can be readily incorporated into daily life. Our workshops in Yamanaka handle everything from crafting the traditional wooden base (using a lathe) to applying lacquer. Our wish is for people to experience the warmth of wood in their everyday lives, which is why our lacquerware, while rooted in tradition, often features casual designs.

SUWARI Collection