About Sansai

"Sansai" is a tableware and interior brand that incorporates the art of "Katazome Yuzen," one of the dyeing techniques of Kyo Yuzen. The essence of Katazome Yuzen is deeply embedded in the products of "Sansai."

Kyo Yuzen

Kyo Yuzen, a pattern dyeing technique, originated in the Genroku period, and the history of katazome Yuzen began in the Meiji era. These techniques have long been used for dyeing kimono fabrics. We inherit this tradition and continue to produce them in Kyoto.

Our Company - Sansai Studio Co., Ltd.

We are engaged in the production of molds for "Katazome," one of the dyeing techniques of Kyo Yuzen in Kyoto. It starts with hand-carving stencils based on the patterns, then applies photosensitive film to aluminum frames, and creates data for inkjet printing on PC or silk screen plate making. In addition, in the fiscal year 2020, to overcome the decrease in sales in the Yuzen industry due to factors like the aging population and the spread of the novel coronavirus, we established a laser processing business that utilizes kimono data. To adapt to the changing times, we are expanding our business and offering the splendid world of Yuzen and the craftsmanship and dedication we have cultivated as "artisans.

Sansai Collection