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This is a brand of chopsticks made from Echigo cedar, grown in heavy snowfall areas. Prioritizing safety, they are entirely uncoated, preserving the warmth and aroma of cedar. Lightweight and non-slip, they are suitable for all ages and elevate everyday meals with the spirit of 'Japanese tradition'.

Uncoated Japanese Chopsticks

These Chopsticks are 'uncoated' for safety, preserving cedar's warmth and aroma. Lightweight and non-slip, they suit all ages, elevating everyday meals with 'Japanese aesthetics.

Our Company - R4Yours LLC

Our company believes that "private sector vitality and practical benefits are the true keys to regional revitalization." We are committed to creating jobs in the private sector for the benefit of the private sector, focusing on planning and realizing products and initiatives in collaboration with individuals from various backgrounds.

Rather than being a writer or creator myself, I aim to connect people from diverse fields, maximize their abilities, and contribute more to environmental conservation in forested mountain regions, increasing local income, and making a greater impact on the community. We seek cooperation with individuals such as users of ongoing support facilities, housewives, and the elderly.

By aligning these efforts in "community-oriented business," we aim to promote and realize "what true regional revitalization means." Through this initiative, we hope to break through the sense of stagnation that looms over our beloved town, which is affected by the challenges of an aging population and a struggling local economy. We earnestly wish that this endeavor becomes an opportunity for the private sector to take pride in and have confidence in, and we are committed to making progress on this path together with all of you.

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