About Osaka Suzuki

Osaka Suzuki is an Osaka-based tinware brand with a Modern Master Craftsman as its president. Tinware is prized for its durability, safe and odorless properties, and its ability to enhance flavors. Osaka Naniwa Tinware's 'Honkin' products are cherished and can elevate your daily life.

Exquisite Tinware

Tin does not rust or discolor.
With proper care, you can enjoy its warm luster and gloss forever.
The molecules of tin are coarse, and it is said that tin adsorbs impurities in water and alcohol, mellowing their taste.
Tin is harmless and has no metallic odor, and has been valued as a material for tableware since ancient times.

Tin has high thermal conductivity, making it suitable for warming sake (a way of enjoying alcohol by heating it)

Our Company - Osaka Suzuki Co., Ltd.

We are a company specializing in tinware production. Led by the renowned contemporary master craftsman, Tatsumasa Imai (Traditional Craftsman), we have five nationally certified traditional craftsmen and twenty male and female artisans on our team.

The craftsmanship of Osaka tinware traces its origins back to the late Edo period when it branched out from Kyoto tinware and took root in Osaka. In 1949, Osaka Tinware Co., Ltd. was established by Yaichiro Imai, and since then, the techniques and nurturing of traditional crafts have been passed down to this day.

As time has passed, the techniques and methods have evolved, and some have transformed to better suit modern lifestyles. However, the craftsmanship and spirit of craftsmanship continue to be handed down.

Osaka Suzuki Collection