About LUMP

"Carving the LAMP of hope from the LUMP of iron."

We have launched our in-house brand at Sanwa Kikinzoku Seisakusho, Ltd. based on the concept: 'We want to create something that is useful to those who use it, like a comforting light.'
'By having many people use it, we want to be the 'lamp of hope' for our craftsmen.'
'We will shape what you desire

Embracing Tradition and Innovation: The Fusion of Technology Dedicated Metalworking, Environmentally Conscious Surface Treatment, Traditional Craftsmanship - Kuroue Iron Lacquer

[Dedicated Metalworking]
Each one is meticulously crafted by artisans, not just as a paperweight but also as a pen holder, card holder, and even for placing seals or notes, incorporating various functions. It's a lifelong paperweight filled with the passion and skills of our craftsmen.

[Environmentally Conscious Surface Treatment]
Enjoy the patina over time with our anti-corrosion treatment. We've applied an environmentally friendly surface treatment to reduce the likelihood of rust, which is a common weakness in iron. The unique character of the item will gradually evolve as you use it.

[Traditional Craftsmanship - Kuroe Iron Lacquer]
The fusion of iron and lacquer craftsmanship. By combining the traditional craft of 'Kuroe-nuri' from Wakayama Prefecture with local metalworking expertise, we have created a new level of design for metal products. Through innovative coating technology, we have achieved a successful application of lacquer to metal surfaces.

Our Company - Sanwakanagata Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1971, established in 1981, Sanwakanagata Seisakusho Co., Ltd. is a group of specialists in metalworking that not only manufactures molds but also produces industrial machinery parts for various industries.

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