ISSOU is a brand of Wakasa lacquer chopsticks. Wakasa lacquerware, with a 400-year history, exemplifies the art of layered lacquer. ISSOU chopsticks, crafted by skilled artisans, add a touch of luxury to your dining table, elevating your dining experience with their genuine texture and weight.

Wakasa lacquer

Wakasa lacquerware, which involves layering lacquer multiple times, has a history of 400 years and continues to evolve with the skills of artisans. Layer by layer, one, two, three, the artisans' dedication is carefully applied to create ISSOU chopsticks.

Our Company - ISHIDA Co.,Ltd.

For over 80 years since our establishment, we have upheld the tradition of Wakasa lacquerware, continuously crafting distinctive chopsticks that enhance the flavors of meals and the ambiance of the moment. By managing everything from production to sales consistently, we have preserved tradition while also developing Wakasa lacquerware that suits the times. We have been early adopters of computer-based product and inventory management, striving for cost-effectiveness. It is our belief that because of these efforts, we can deliver high-quality Wakasa lacquerware that is accessible to many. We will continue to execute this faithfully.

Furthermore, not limiting ourselves to Wakasa lacquerware, we are committed to creating a variety of chopsticks and diverse related products that enrich dining experiences, meeting your needs. As Ishida, we aspire to further support Japan's UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage-listed food culture, making it even more splendid and accessible.

ISSOU Collection