About inoca

Introducing inoca, a brand that brings the soothing scent of Igusa into your life, promoting the "SLOW LIFE" philosophy. Grown in Nanki Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, "Kishu Igusa" is the foundation of inoca's products, aging gracefully to reveal its unique charm.

Innovative Brand of Igusa Products

The brand-new Tatami gives off the scent of the raw material of Igusa. The scent of freshness, lushness, and nostalgia has a mysterious power to relieve people's hearts.

inoca, a new brand that makes use of the simplicity of Igusa, shares ‘SLOW LIFE’ with everybody from customers to craftsman.

Our Company - Ido Tatami Store Ltd.

We accurately capture the evolving needs of the times and pursue and provide what truly delights our customers. This is the foundation of our thinking and actions.

No matter how much the times change, the essence of what we, as Japanese, seek in our living environment remains unchanged: "comfort," "coziness," and "health."

What Ido Tatami Store Ltd. Limited can promise is having the "vision" and "heart" to continuously reevaluate our products and services from the perspective of our users and to keep offering a more comfortable and healthier lifestyle.

Since our establishment, we have diligently strived to meet each of your requests. These efforts have contributed to our skill development and, as a result, enabled us to provide better quality and service to all of you. We will always remember this cycle and continue to improve.

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