For 60 years, we have been making towels in Senshu, Osaka, a historic towel production area. Hiorie is an original brand of towel manufacturer. We have been making the best use of the traditions and techniques of Senshu to create towels that are a part of Japanese life.
We aim to create towels that are a part of the Japanese lifestyle.

Commitment to Made in JAPAN

All products handled at Hiorie are made in Japan.

Our products include Senshu towels woven at our own factory in Senshu, Osaka, and Imabari towels.
We also offer a wide range of products, such as kits, baby goods, scarves, socks, and more.

We are a factory brand that focuses on Japanese craftsmanship in cooperation with the finest domestic production centers.

Our Company - Marunaka Corporation

We are a towel manufacturer established in Senshu, Osaka in 1959.
We are engaged in the entire process from product planning to production and sales of our own brand products.

HIORIE Collection