"GOURLAB" is a multi-cooking capsule that allows you to enjoy authentic dishes by simply placing ingredients and seasonings into it and using a microwave. Thanks to its patented special structure, it efficiently conducts heat, enabling cooking similar to that of a pressure cooker.

Multi-cooking Capsule for Easy and Authentic Cooking

Simply place the ingredients inside the GOURLAB and heat it in the microwave, allowing you to prepare a variety of gourmet dishes quickly and easily.

Our Company - Iwatani Materials Corporation

We, Iwatani Materials Corporation have been dealing with a diverse range of materials, including synthetic resins and metals, since our establishment. We have developed and sold a wide range of products, from consumer goods to industrial and agricultural uses.

At the core of our business is the belief shared by the Iwatani Group that "what is necessary in the world thrives." Building upon this philosophy, we have consistently created various products by accurately grasping the values demanded by the times and flexibly adapting to them.

We will continue to be a company that approaches every small need with dedication, leveraging our diverse materials, flexible thinking, and robust development technology.

For people, society, and the Earth, Iwatani Materials will always be a company needed in any era. Please continue to have high expectations for us.

GOURLAB Collection