GINPO is a high-quality earthenware pot brand. GINPO, committed to quality, expertly melds tradition with innovation in its earthenware pots. The company champions healthy eating and family bonds through its superior, domestically produced products in Japan.

High-Quality Earthenware Pots

From its inception, what GINPO has treasured most through generations is the quality of its products. Basing on traditions and techniques inherited from our predecessors, we have enhanced quality while incorporating the needs of the times. With a philosophy rooted in creating "high-quality earthenware pots, proposing a healthy dietary lifestyle, and thereby forging times of familial warmth," we have developed original clay and glazes through steadfast research. By producing consistently in Japan, we achieve superb craftsmanship in our products.

Our Company - Ginpo Co., Ltd.

In the process of creating our products, we aim to engage with the user's "food and life," enriching their "body and soul." To achieve this, a design that emphasizes quality and usability is essential.

Our commitment to quality has been passed down from our founder. We handle everything internally, from selecting raw materials to blending clay and glaze, molding, glazing, firing, and inspection, enabling us to maintain the performance and durability of our products at a high level. We continuously conduct research and make improvements whenever there are better materials, formulations, or manufacturing methods available.

As for design, our president has traditionally been personally involved. With the idea that "earthenware and utensils enhance the presentation of dishes" in mind, we strive to create designs that don't interfere with the cuisine and remain visually appealing, envisioning the landscape when dishes are served. Ease of use is also crucial for daily use.

In the future, Ginpo will continue to create products by adding the essence of the times to our specialty, heat-resistant utensils, enriching everyone's dining experience and adding color to it. We hope that our pottery will bring joy and happiness to your moments.

GINPO Collection