About fuuu

"Fuuu" is pronounced as "fu," evoking the image of wind. The "f" suggests the concept of 1/f fluctuation, while the three "u"s in the name represent Utsuwa (vessels), usability, and universal, expressing a brand that breathes new life into Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki pottery.


Kiyomizu-yaki is often associated with a rather expensive image. However, Fuuu seeks to redefine the traditional values and aims to create vessels that align with modern life, society, and the local community.

We invite you to experience the "fuuu" vessels that breathe new life into the traditional Kiyomizu-yaki pottery.

Our Company - Okumura Kikaku

How many traditional crafts do you have in your daily life and home? In Japan, there is a diverse array of household items that have been nurtured within the country's history and culture.

However, the regions where these crafts have been traditionally made, using specific methods, raw materials, and tools, are now facing challenging circumstances due to changes in modern lifestyles and a decrease in natural resources. If demand diminishes, the number of artisans decreases, leading to a shortage of successors. Once traditional crafts disappear, it becomes difficult to revive them.

In the current era, people, goods, and money flow globally. The world market is boundless in size. Now is the time for Okumura Kikaku to work together with the skilled artisans, infusing Japan's wonderful spirit of harmony into their craftsmanship and spreading it worldwide. Let us expand a happy and valuable way of life to people all around the world!