About COPPER the cutlery

Azuma Co., Ltd.'s brand, 'COPPER the cutlery,' offers traditional cutlery from Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture. They use copper for its excellent heat conductivity, providing comfortable and visually appealing dining experiences with gold and silver accents.

Cutlery that Makes Dining More Comfortable and Beautiful

Products that harness the heat conductivity of copper enhance the act of "eating," making it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Company - Azuma Co., Ltd.

Azuma Co., Ltd. prioritizes the concept of "enjoying delicious food" and is a long-standing manufacturer of metal tableware, producing over 90% of Western-style dining utensils domestically. With a mission to provide "safety, security, and smiles," the company has been serving for more than 60 years, aiming to enrich lives and contribute to people's enjoyment of a fulfilling life through their products.