BERMAS, a German bag brand founded in 1919, is known for its enduring quality and craftsmanship. Operating in Japan, they prioritize simple, functional designs, regularly updating to meet user needs, and providing affordable, user-friendly products. BERMAS embraces change while valuing timeless qualities.

Providing Universal Value

We focus on simple and practical design, making improvements based on user feedback, and offering user-friendly, affordable products. While embracing change, we also respect enduring value.

Our Company - Kinugawa Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

Our company was founded in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is one of Japan's three major bag manufacturing hubs, and we continue to distribute bags nationwide. The history of bag production in Toyooka dates back to the Kanbun era, specifically in 1668, when Takamori Kyogoku, who had been transferred from Tanabe in Tango (now Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture) to Toyooka, initiated the promotion of the industry by introducing something called 'Yanagi Gouri' as a measure to protect and encourage the industry. 'Yanagi Gouri' refers to lidded baskets made by weaving Koraiyanagi (a type of willow), and this marked the origins of Toyooka bags.

Currently, we handle a wide range of bag products domestically, including our own brand products, as well as licensed production for major brands, with production bases overseas. We also place a strong emphasis on bags produced by local craftsmen and offer a diverse range of Toyooka bags.

Throughout the changing times, our company has continued to adapt flexibly to these changes and remains dedicated to creating bags that are beloved by all.

BERMAS Collection