About Antico

A leisurely and pleasant time, an antique ambiance, and refined design not only enhance the aesthetics but also add an elegant touch to the dining table. Simple yet a definite presence.

Antique and Sophisticated Design

The antique ambiance and refined design, even when used for decoration alone, create a picturesque scene and add an elegant accent to the dining table.

Our Company - Awasaka inc.

If you imagine the tabletop industry of 100 years future,
how could you think?
Actually, I cannot answer exactly,
because the world will change so fast, even right now.

How about our dietary life of us?
I cannot answer about this question either,
but it is fun to imagine.
The eating habits of humans will change dynamically, too.

However, I can imagine that people still enjoy eating with their favorite person at their favorite time.

I can imagine there is a smile and a warm favorite cooking on the table,
with heart-warming plates and bowls.

It is supposed to be a strong relationship between plates and food.
We want to support people living abundantly.

Antico Collection