Über Itoko

We are a Japanese silk brand. In 1996, we launched Japan's first unified brand "Matsuoka Hime," covering everything from silkworm cocoons to white fabric. We continue to maintain contracts with top-notch sericulture farmers in Japan for cocoon production.

Traditional Beauty, Masterful Craftsmanship

Since our establishment, we have been honored to provide 'Itoko,' Japan's silk fabric, as white fabric, and have also received orders for post-dyed fabrics designated for use by the Imperial Household.

Unser Unternehmen - Itoko Inc.

We aim to uphold the foundation of traditional industries, explore the further potential of sustainable material 'silk,' and advance Japanese craftsmanship. We endeavor to support the silk culture, a gift from nature, and strive to create a new future in harmony with nature.

Itoko Sammlung