Stuff News - Nesta Resort, a famous leisure facility in Kobe

Stuff News - Nesta Resort, a famous leisure facility in Kobe

Nesta Resort a famous leisure facility in Kobe

Hello! This is Junya, a staff member!

I went on a company trip the other day! Our company has it once a year as part of our welfare program. The last two years the company trip was not held due to the COVID-19, but this year the trip was held.

And this year's trip was to Miyakojima Island in Okinawa. However, I could not go to Miyakojima because my schedule conflicted with my children's school events.

But fortunately, our company also offered a one-day plan option. I choiced and went to "Nesta Resort Kobe" ( in Hyogo with staff members who, like me, was also unable to go to Miyakojima.

Hyogo is famous for its tourist attractions such as Harborland, Kitano Ijinkan, Mt. Rokko, Nankinmachi, and Arima Onsen. As for food, Kobe beef is famous for its delicious taste. There are also many sake factories, which I love. In addition, one of my hobbies, soccer. Kobe is the hometown of Vissel Kobe, where world-famous superstar Iniesta plays soccer.

Nesta Resort Kobe, where I went on this company trip, is a leisure facility located on a vast site in the mountains of Miki City, Hyogo. There are various activities and a large hot spring facility. We can also enjoy camping, glamping, and barbecues, which are very popular in Japan.

Also, I got to experience the especially popular "Sky Eagle!"

Stay tuned for more posts on Japan's charms!

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