Staff News - Support for the World Cup Soccer in Qatar from Japan

The World Cup is being held in Qatar right now! Are you getting excited in your country? I am not an enthusiastic soccer fun and do not usually watch the games, but the World Cup is special for me. I am watching on TV as much as I can! But, only the group leagues and the main tournament.

Yesterday, it was Japan vs. Croatia. Japan has never made it to the last 8 before. However, the strong effort and belief of the players, and with their supporters cheering them on enthusiastically, the Japan team had an opportunity to challenge the last 8 for the fourth time. However, it was a draw after 120 minutes, including extra time. And as a result of the penalty shootout, they unfortunately lost to Croatia.

But the World Cup is still on! I'll be drinking and support for them today!

Go for it!