Staff News - Enjoy! Theme park in Osaka Universal Studios Japan

Theme park in Osaka Universal Studios Japan

Hello, this is Junya.

Here in Japan, the COVID19 and flu continues. However, to refresh ourselves, my family and I went to Universal Studios Japan. It was a weekday, but very crowded, as the entry of people from overseas has also reopened. For the first time in a long time, I had the same impression as before COVID19.
I am very happy that so many people can come to Japan and enjoy themselves.
My children enjoyed Super Nintendo World and Minion Park as their favorites. They also loved the Sesame Street go-carts and rode them many times.
If you come to Japan, be sure to visit Universal Studios Japan!
Universal City Walk in front of the Universal City station has many famous Japanese restaurants such as udon, takoyaki, sushi, okonomiyaki, and noodle, which are also very fun.

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