Rice Varieties in Japan - There are More than 500 Varieties

Rice Varieties in Japan - There are More than 500 Varieties

In Japan, a country with a long north-south axis, crops are produced in accordance with the local climate and features of each region. Rice is one of the few agricultural products grown in each prefecture from Hokkaido (north) to Okinawa (south).
A wide variety of rice varieties have been developed, including those that are resistant to pests and cold damage, those with high yields and good taste. There are more than 500 varieties, including those for food and sake. Of these, for food are about 270 varieties.

"Koshihikari" was first produced in Fukui in 1956, and was favored by many people for its sweetness, stickiness, and good taste even when cold, leading to its production throughout Japan.

Since then, various varieties have been introduced, including "Hitomebore", "Akitakomachi" and "Haenuki". Taking advantage of the characteristics of the soil, water, and climate of the region where they are grown, varieties such as "Kinuhikari" in the Kanto and Kinki regions and "Hinohikari" in the Kyushu region have also been produced.

Characteristics of each variety

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