Japan's staple food "Rice"

Japan's staple food "Rice"

Hello! This is Kazuhiro!

My parent house, it is in Kishiwada City, Osaka, produces Japan's staple food, rice, every year.
Rice grows in the place, called rice field, which are filled with water. In my home town, rice is planted in June and harvested in October. In other words, the harvest will be ready in about a month.
There are many varieties of rice. The most widely produced variety is "Koshihikari". And "Hitomebore," "Hinohikari," "Akita Komachi," and "Nanatsuboshi" follow. The variety I produce is "Hinohikari".
Rice is also the raw material for Japanese Sake, and is indispensable to us Japanese.

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The last photo is my daughter. At my parents' house :-)

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