Japanese rice wine

Japanese rice wine


Hello! I'm Junya, a staff of Luxcras!

Sake has become very popular in Japan over the past few years.
There are many kind of sake, including dry, robust sake and sweet, slightly sparkling sake that is easy for even women to drink.

In the past, sake in Japan had the image of being something for middle or old men to drink. Recently, however, sake has become popular among young women as well, with labels of various designs. When I was in my twenties, I rarely drank sake, but in the past few years I have started to drink a variety of sake.

Today I would like to introduce a sake that I personally recommend, which is both delicious and has an interesting label.

山川光男(Yamakawa Mitsuo)
This sake was made by a group of four sake breweries in Yamagata Prefecture. And It is named after one letter of each brewery's representative brand name.

山(Yama) : 山形政宗(Yamagata Masamune)
川(Kawa) : 楯野川(Tate-no-gawa(kawa))
光(Mitsu) : 東光(Toko)
男(O) : 男山(Otokotoyama)

The project is now firmly established as a four times a year seasonal project, with each of the four breweries made and selling a new sake each season in turn! For the autmn of 2022, Kojima Sohonten of Toko sake made, and once again it was a very tasty sake!

At Luxcras, we have a wide variety of sake cups!
There is nothing more luxurious than drinking your favorite sake with your favorite sake cups. We think this is the highest luxury.

I hope you find your favorite sake cup! I will continue to introduce my recommended Japanese sake!

【Sake Cup】

KAMOSUMORI, a Japanese sake from Niigata Prefecture, purchased with Yamakawa Mitsuo.
Fruity and slightly effervescent, recommended for those who've never had sake before!


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